360 Network

About Us


360 Networx provides the highest quality of surveillance and recording equipment for commercial and residential security system needs. Our security and safety systems are designed using top brand equipment, such as Watch Dog, Clear One, Axis and Toshiba just to name a few. Our team will help you create and design a surveillance system that best meet your company security and home safety needs. Our video surveillance and recording solutions will allow you to monitor your property from every angle, helping you keep your property, employees and family safe.

Access control building security systems are the best way to monitor who is entering a specific room or building. Door keys are easily copied- an access control system offers better security to protect your facility. Access control systems allow you to monitor, manage and record the activity of each employee.

360 Networx works with the newest surveillance system technology including reliable, high res cameras, mega-pixel cameras and digital video recorders with remote viewing capabilities. All surveillance systems are installed by 360 Networx trained and certified technicians.

  • Closed circuit tv
  • Discreet cameras
  • Wireless cameras
  • Video surveillance recording
  • Live internet viewing
  • Digital video recorders
Blending new innovations and proven technologies into practical solutions to fit each client’s needs and budget. We remain dedicated to providing quality products and services to an extensive US customer base, including government agencies, military installations, and Fortune 1000 companies.