Phone Systems


Our team at 360 Networx will start by assessing your recent business phone usage from your recent service provider. Depending on our findings we will discuss possible changes if any that you may want to implement for your business. Changes included:

  • Will you want voice mails automatically forwarded to email
  • Do you need to have customer contact information integrated with your phone service, allowing employees to view an automatic pop up when customer calls come in.

Integration of your business voice and data networks can result in the most cost effective and effective use of your existing infrastructure , with improved productivity. Examples of this type of integration include:

  • Phone, Voice mail, fax and email, allowing voice messages and faxes to be forwarded to your email inboxes.
  • Streamlining so a receptionist can receive and manage phone calls from multiple offices.
  • Interactive voice response
  • Forwarding after hour calls on you business phone to your cell phone by programming the system to do this each day.
  • Provider Features such as call billing, allowing employees to track the time spent on a specific phone call.
  • Reporting metrics available to system administration from your provider on the IP calls made from your business.
  • Identify service trends including when peak voice traffic occurs and reviewing the types of phone calls made, among other features from your provider.

In order to provide the right service to match  your business requirements and system capabilities, we work with all of the major service providers in the Indianapolis, Indiana and Kentucky areas to find the best solutions for your VOIP phone service needs.

Blending new innovations and proven technologies into practical solutions to fit each client’s needs and budget. We remain dedicated to providing quality products and services to an extensive US customer base, including government agencies, military installations, and Fortune 1000 companies.